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General Overview

Service members: If you are eligible for the Post-9/11 GI Bill program you can use the TEB page to request a transfer of your DoD education benefits to your eligible dependents.

  • You can transfer up to 36 months of unused benefits to your eligible immediate family members.
  • If you have already used some of your benefits, you can transfer unused benefits to one (1) or more family members.
  • You can transfer months to family members as long as you are still in the Service, but not after separating retiring, retiring, or transferring to the IRR. (Special rules from the Colmery Act apply if you experience a death in your family.) Be aware that if you do not initiate and gain approval for the transfer of months to your dependents before you separate, retire, or transfer to IRR, you will be unable to transfer the education benefits to which you are entitled. To manage previously allocated benefits after separation or retirement, you will need to create a DS Logon account so that you can log into milConnect and access the TEB page. To create a DS Logon account, go to the milConnect sign in page and click Need Support? on the DS Logon tab. The DS Logon FAQs open to provide instructions and requirements for requesting a DS Logon account.
  • Even after you have transferred your benefits, those benefits remain your property. If necessary, you can use the TEB page to review, modify, or revoke a transfer request.
  • To view an illustrated guide to the complete TEB process, see the TEB Beneficiary Guide.


  • Children are eligible for a monthly living stipend and/or the books and supplies stipend while you are serving on active duty.
  • Your spouse is eligible for a books and supplies stipend, but not a monthly living stipend, while you are on active duty, because both you and your spouse are already receiving the BAH.
  • If you are not currently serving on active duty, then both your spouse and children are eligible for a monthly living stipend and/or a books and supplies stipend.

Important: Do not initiate a transfer of benefits unless you are willing to complete any additional service commitment required by your Service. If your transferred benefits are used before your qualifying commitment is complete, you could owe money for the used benefits (recoupment). For more information, please read the "What is recoupment and how do I avoid it?" FAQ in milConnect.

Process Overview

Follow this process to complete a transfer of education benefits:

  1. Submit the transfer request so that the Status changes to Submitted.
  2. Sign in to milConnect regularly to check the status of your request.
  3. When your transfer request is approved, the Status is updated to Request Approved, the Status Date is set to the date that the Service Representative approved the request, the age displays a link to the Approval Form letter, and your request data is sent to the VA.
  4. After the Status becomes Request Approved, each family member receiving an education benefit must complete the VA Form 22-1990E to obtain a certificate of eligibility before they can use their benefit.
  5. The VA sends the certificate of eligibility to the family member.
  6. The family member must provide the certificate of eligibility to the school that they plan to attend.
  7. The VA sends the tuition directly to the school.
    • If the family member does not receive the certificate of eligibility from the VA before they enroll in school, the family member should ask the veterans' certifying official at the school to submit an enrollment certification to the VA for the academic term.

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