Status of Transfer Requests

Select Benefits, Transfer of Education Benefits (TEB)

Sign in to TEB periodically to check the status of your transfer request.

  • If the Status is Pending Review, you can check back at a later time or contact your Service Representative.
  • If the Status is Request Rejected, please consult the Message from Your Service Component for an explanation. If there is no message pertaining to a rejection, please contact your Service Representative.
  • If you can resolve the issue that caused your request to be denied, make any necessary corrections on your TEB page and resubmit your transfer of benefits request.
    • You must allocate at least one (1) month to a dependent before resubmitting a rejected transfer request. Important: You must resubmit your request to be reconsidered for a transfer of benefits, even if corrections made are outside of the TEB page.
  • If the Status is Request Approved, family members must complete VA Form 22-1990E before they can use their benefits. The TEB page shows your progress on your qualifying commitment.
    • A green message means you have fulfilled your service obligation.
    • A yellow message means you have not yet fulfilled your service obligation. You must stay in the Service until your obligation end date, or risk losing eligibility to transfer education benefits.
      • Guard and Selected Reserve members must maintain an uninterrupted Selected Reserve status during the entire obligatory service time.
    • A red message means you are at risk of failing or have failed to complete your service commitment, because your separation date occurs before or occurred before your obligation end date.

To find contact information for each Branch of Service, select Contact Support from the FAQ menu.

Important: If you fail to complete your Service commitment you could be subject to recoupment. For more information, please read the "What is recoupment and how do I avoid it?" FAQ in milConnect.

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